23 Dec


I had the honor to be invited to Mike Shaw exeptinal podcast : Migratory Patterns - were he leads conversations about the reasons humans migrate & how it effects our identity.

Here he what he wrote about our conversation:

Daniela Tomer, founder of Global Nomad's World, knows something about migration. Not only is she a clinical psychologist who specializes in helping families deal with the issues surrounding migration, but she's the product of migration herself. Born to parents who had fled from Eastern Europe to Argentina in the early days of WWII, Daniela migrated to Israel as a child and went through a profound identity evolution. Later in life, a move to Europe and then the US meant the loss of her professional credentials- a familiar roadblock for many who migrate. So she did the most "expat-y" thing next: Start a business to deal with the barrier. Today she is at the vanguard of a growing movement of mental health processionals who are working to create resources that will help people around the world to better deal with the complex issue that arise when they migrate.

Dive deeper into the issues that children & families face when living overseas.

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