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Consulting sessions for individuals before, during and after the transition

These sessions can be offered to reinforce and support the transition to a new destination. The sessions provide an opportunity to discuss the expected challenges and set goals to work through the adaptation process and increase success in the new environment.

Expat Partner Coaching

In many instances, it is the most critical component in the success of an overseas assignment. Coaching sessions can provide the possibility to change the expected challenges into opportunities. Effective adaptations for partners are more likely to succeed when there is knowledge of the possible challenges and a meaningful plan for personal growth.

Repatriation support

One of the most unspoken challenges of the nomad life is the moment that many expats fear, returning to their home country, and being left out of the supportive expat bubble.

Cross cultural talks, workshops and seminars for organizations

We will introduce the most important terms, benefits and challenges for anyone who cross cultures, suitable for both organizations, families and individuals What are the advantages and challenges of living a cross cultural life? How does it shape our identity? What does it have to do with loss and grief? How do you answer the question : Where are you from?

Helping the Expat community worldwide

Individuals are different, families are different, and organizations have different missions and goals; as do the communities they want to be and belong to. Crossing Cultures can be an amazing experience but is is also a significant challenge. There are 244 million people living outside of their country of birth. The circumstances and locations can be very different but they all share the psychological experience and cycle of transition. They share the common language of global transition. As David C. Pollock and Ruth E. Van Reken suggested in their pioneering book: “Third Culture Kids, Growing Up Among Worlds”, those who are introduced to terms like “global nomad”, “ TCK - Third Culture Kid/Adult” and “Cross Cultural Kid/Adult”, feel understood. We believe we can benefit from having a solid understanding of what living overseas, crossing cultures means.



Daniela Tomer

Co-Founder and Director

Daniela Tomer is an Israeli licensed Clinical Psychologist. She is a Mediator, Coach and Trainer and serves as FIGT- Families in Global Transition Counseling and Coaching Affiliate Chair.

Lisa Travella-Murawsky

Co-Founder and Director

Lisa is an International educator, teaching at ISH- International School of Hyderabad and at Endicott College.


  • 30/10/2018 10:45

Students have decided to use the power of sport as a way to connect their international school with the local community. By Lisa Travella Murawsky

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  • 22/07/2018 12:59

By Daniela Tomer

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  • 28/06/2018 20:12

We are delighted to share this beautiful article by a young ATCK. With her sensitive words, she describes how she grows up in a physical third world- within the walls - a place that was not exactly Russia or USA. How being the “stayer” in a world of constant change affected her. And finally, how does it feel when you come back to a very familiar place where you recognize everything but it doesn’t recognize you. Enjoy it! Thank you Alexa Vujaklija

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  • 19/03/2018 12:46

Is there a difference between your family's culture at home and the culture at your child's school?

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  • 28/02/2018 10:56

There is nothing more powerful than sharing a personal story, we are sharing this guest blog knowing that many of our readers can relate to it. Being a TCK is a complex journey with many challenges, thank you Jezabel for your words of wisdom on unresolved grief and hidden losses.

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  • 13/02/2018 11:16

By Lisa Murawsky and Daniela Tomer

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  • 06/07/2017 00:00

By Daniela Tomer

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אנחנו חיים בעולם דינאמי שמשתנה במהירות. מעברים בינלאומיים שכיחים הרבה יותר מבעבר. מעבר שכזה נחשב להזדמנות להתפתחות מקצועית ואישית כמו גם הרפתקאה
ההזדמנות מלווה באתגר פחות מדובר עבור היחיד והמשפחה, מעבר שכזה מעורר שאלות של זהות ומאתגר את תחושת השייכות כמו גם הערך העצמי של כל המעורבים במסע הזה
משפחות הנערכות לרילוקיישן עסוקות בלתת מענה לצרכים הטכניים של המעבר, ההתגברות על האתגרים  הרגשיים הנלווים לרוב נשארת עם מענה חלקי. אנחנו מאמינים שעם מידע, התאמת תוכניות, הדרכה ותמיכה ניתן להקל על אתגרי המעבר
אנחנו מציעים שרותי יעוץ במתכונת של פגישות וירטואליות לפני קבלת ההחלטה, במהלך תהליך המעבר, במהלך הרילוקיישן ובתכנון החזרה לארץ
כמו כן אנחנו מציעים סדנאות וימי עיון

לתאום פגישת היכרות חינם

פינת ההמלצה החמה

המלצות, זה יכול להיות ספר, פעילות, אתר, או כל דבר אחר כשהמכנה המשותף של כל ההמלצות זה הקשר לחיי הנדודים. חלק יהיו המלצות יותר מקצועיות וחלק פשוט מהחיים אבל את כולם אנסה להסביר וההתחייבות היא שאת כולן ניסיתי