Daniela Tomer
Co-Founder and Director of International Psychotherapy and Coaching Services

Daniela Tomer is an Israeli and Belgian Clinical Psychologist, licensed LMHC in Masachussests USA. She serves as FIGT- Families in Global Transition Counseling and Coaching Affiliate Chair.

Daniela Tomer  is an Israeli and Belgian licensed Clinical Psychologist, with a M.A from Tel Aviv University. She is also licensed LMHC in Masachussests USA She is a Mediator, Coach and Trainer. She has lived in Latin America, Israel, Europe and since August 2016, Boston USA. She is fluent in English, Spanish and Hebrew and speaks conversational French . Daniela has worked professionally as a Clinical Psychologist, in the field of Psychotherapy and Psychological Evaluation and in the past12 years dedicated most of her time to work with families and organisations in global transition. In her role as Mediator for the Israeli Institute of Mediation, Daniela planned and built a 12 week course and taught mediation in the institute and in Mexico. In Belgium, Daniela took on a number of voluntary roles. As Chairman of the Governance Committee for the International School of Brussels she refined the Governance and planning for this major International School, and as the Strategic Planner for the Brussels Sports Association, developed a new coherent strategic plan for this volunteer driven nonprofit organisation.

“My passion is to help families to get the best out of the overseas experience starting in the dreaming phase, when their are just considering a move, through the adaptation to the nomadic life and the repatriation. As a clinical psychologist I choose to look at this specific lifestyle as an opportunity for growth  with a built in challenge of major identity change for all family members involved. Based on my professional background and my personal experience I am trying to share the lessons learned mainly with parts of the expat community that are less likely to read, and express themselves in the growing expat communities in real life and online. This are the non English expat families. This families are going throw the same challenges as any expat with the extra challenge of a language barrier. The ones that are overcoming that barrier are welcomed into a wonderful world of knowledge and experience. My hope is to be a bridge for any non English expat that wish to be part of this diverse community, and wish to be understood.”

She is serving as the FIGT Families in Global Transition Counseling and Coaching Affiliate Chair.

She is the proud mother of four TCKs, in her free time she enjoys being with her family and friends, sport, traveling, reading and music.