28 Oct

The Nanhi Kali Sports Project Nominated for Prestigious Peace and Sport Award

Validation of the wonderful collaboration between a development NGO, The Naandi Foundation and a Sport Specialist, Global Nomad’s World (GNW)

The Naandi Foundation and GNW are thrilled to announce that the Nanhi Kali Sports Project has been nominated for the Development-and-Peace-through-Sport Program of the Year, awarded by The Peace and Sport Organisation.   Specifically, this award rewards a development program that has a positive impact for communities, teaching values through sport exercises adapted to the local environment.  

The Nanhi Kali Sport Project is a wonderful marriage between specialists in development (Naandi) specialists in sports (GNW).  This collaboration in the world of sport and development (SFD) is a key in helping to develop sustainable programs in various parts of the world.  So often, these SFD projects are taking place in areas of the world, where cultural, political, social, economical sensitivities are heightened.  There are so many obstacles and challenges involved in these projects that require many non-sport related resources and knowledge.  Conversely, this non-sport sector is in need of sport specialists to help explain and promote the multiple benefits of SFD programs and to afford the technical expertise to organise the sport specific events.   

The final award will be presented in Monaco on December 12 at the occasion of the Peace and Sport Forum and I will be there to celebrate the moment. #LisaTravellaMurawsky#GNW

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